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Photo Gallery

Replacement of damaged Ceiling to match up with Original Cornice                 (Picture copyright Eric de Valmency)

Holes are made in original damaged ceiling to locate joists, Plasterboard is then fixed to original ceiling with screws

Plaster boarding is completed and fibreglass tape is put along the joints to stop cracking of new plaster when finished

Ceiling is then plastered to a smooth finish, and in this case a small wooden bead has been stuck to the ceiling next to the cornice to hide the gap, this bead is then also painted white to make it look like part of the original cornice

Replacing Old Lath and Plaster Wall

Old plaster has been removed to reveal old wooden lathes, these are removed and then new plasterboard is screwed  into the upright wooden timbers

When Plasterboard is up the joints are covered with a fibreglass tape to help prevent the new plaster cracking once finished

Plastered to smooth finish ready for decoration

Loft Space being Converted into a Family Cinema

Stage 1       Fix Plasterboard

Stage 2    Slopes are Plastered

Stage 3  Plastering finished and drying out

From hole in the Wall to Cupboard with Shelves

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

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